VI Projects - Design and construction of stalls and pavilions
The idea for this project comes from the shape of the "Bayer" logo as well as the form of soluble aspirin tablet.

The floor is raised by 5 sm.above main surface covered with white laminate, which give the stand more impressive appearance.

The main part of the stand is made of bent metal structure which reperesent two quarters of soluble aspirin tablets, which differ in space and at the same time associated with two plasma screens, where during the event the company have been represented. All over the shape of the steel structure a vinyl customer slogan was installed incredibly beautiful and qualitative design brought by the client.
From the two straight sides of the tablet start D-shaped breakfast bar, where snacks and drinks are served.
The stand has a height of 3 m. At this height four metal halide projectors are installed, giving plenty of light on the stand as on a stage.

The rekvizit follows.
High bar tables covered with elastic white tablecloths , narrowed in the middle with two ribbons defined in Bayer logo colors giving incredible distinguished style. Seats of the bar stools also have corporate colors. Finally, information desks have been branded with the company logo.


Production stages

Customised stands
Customised bungalows
Standard stands
Standard bungalows
TV sets and scenes
Promotional stands
Tents, awnings, marquees, shelds

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