VI Projects - Design and construction of stalls and pavilions
The stand of Vivacom is based on a draft project of our partners New Moment Ivents Team for the specialized exhibition "Careers" 2011 which take place in National Palace of Culture.
The floor is raised by 2 sm.above the level of the hall floor and is covered with carpet, that way the stand acquires a distinct look and a more luxurious vision.

The main structure is of metal trusses,to which 5 lights have been attached , that provide plenty of light .
Metal farms mean while help for the good installation of vinyl, bearing the company's logo and message for the said presentation.
Finally comes the rekvizit.The rekvizit in this case is most interesting - information bureau of construction "Oktanorm" with slogan, director's chair, special photographic lighting - 2 interesting projectors on tripods, giving more pleasant atmosphere at the stand.


Production stages

Customised stands
Customised bungalows
Standard stands
Standard bungalows
TV sets and scenes
Promotional stands
Tents, awnings, marquees, shelds

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